My 21st Birthday

Last month I hit a pretty big milestone and I turned 21!! YAY…. It wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

Turning 21 and being 6 months pregnant… Now that’s one that I never ever thought would be me! I always imagined myself hopping on a plane to Vegas and spending my 21st birthday drinking lots of champagne and placing a few little bets. So approaching my birthday I wasn’t exactly in the birthday celebrating mood, it didn’t feel like a birthday and was probably the first year where I’ve really understood when people say that birthdays don’t matter as much as you get older. It’s still a sore subject…. but it wasn’t all doom and gloom. I did have a lovely pampering weekend and I got some lovely little keepsakes from my family. So I thought i’d share what I did and the lovely little presents that I got.

My all-time favourite type of day out is a Spa day! Everyone that knows me knows that I love nothing more than a pamper, what can I say, I just like to be spoilt. So my Fiancé whisked me away to a little spa hotel in Co. Kildare to spend the night. Even though it wasn’t that far away and we didn’t really need to stay over I was really excited because I know that our time for little getaways will soon be over when we have our little girl so we are really trying to make the most of being able to go away and got out just us two.

The hotel that we stayed at was the Osprey Spa Hotel. It’s really really close to the Kildare Shopping Village Designer outlet, has a gorgeous spa, lovely little bar area and the breakfast was to die for! Other than that its not got anything around it but I’m always the type of person that really just enjoys being in a hotel.

I always get so so tired at about 4 o’clock which is when we got there, we didn’t really do anything for the night. So we just spent a little time in the bar, had some food, watched some football (well Jake did , I sat and twiddled my thumbs). No we actually had quite a laugh, we always find  a way to make the most simple nights out fun even if I only had cranberry juice.

The next morning was my BIRTHDAY! It still didn’t really feel like it but we had a lovely morning, after a gorgeous breakfast we went back up to the room and lazied around until about 1PM. We never get the chance to just do nothing. I didn’t take a picture of my breakfast but oh my it was AMAZING! I had the most gorgeous fluffy pancakes, with maple syrup and bacon and a lovely bowl of fresh fruit and yogurt. I have a little obsession with pancakes.

For the afternoon I had my spa day whilst Jake watched his football. It was a month ago and my skin still feels amazing! I had an hour long facial and a pedicure/foot massage – i don’t really know what she did on my face but whatever it was has done wonders for my skin. I don’t usually like people massaging my feet but being pregnant my feet get really sore so it was lovely to just be pampered and relax.

I’m actually releasing now that we took no photos of us together! We always forget and he hates selfies. I’m lacking so many photos from this weekend , I really need to improve on that haha.

My little gifts:

I’ve always been known as a shopaholic but now with my mind always on my baby I never ever buy myself anything anymore and most of the time I don’t want anything! I would rather go and get something for our little girl, or spend the money on making memories. My main gift was my weekend away from my fiancé but I got some lovely little bits from pandora off my mum and dad that I can keep. I love keepsakes and having something to remind me of important times. The necklace is from Pandora’s Essence range, they have a range of charms that are all the same but in different colours and with every charm having a different symbol. My charm means love. I think this is an absolutely beautiful idea.

Overall I did have a lovely birthday but I must say I really can’t wait for next year, a glass of champagne will be definitely be on the table! Still it’s one to remember and I would never ever swap my little princess to get my 21st Birthday back – the ‘PERFECT’ birthday is way to overrated.

Love Danielle


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