My ‘simple’ skincare routine

Do you really need a big budget to achieve perfect skin?…

This is a questions that I’ve been battling with for I’d say a good few years now. When it comes to skin care there’s a LOT to choose from, the price ranges are HUGE and what works for one person definitely  doesn’t work for someone else. Over the last few years I’ve swapped and changed my skin care routine frequently depending on my financial situation at the time really, I’ve gone from using big high-end names to using drugstore picks and even own brands when needing to save money.

Recently I’ve come to the conclusions that a good skin care routine doesn’t necessarily come down to how much you have to spend but more so finding something that works for you, that you can afford and that can become a consistent routine. For me constantly changing products has played havoc with my skin, I wouldn’t say I’ve got sensitive skin but it can be a bit temperamental and changing products too often causes all sorts of chaos. I’m no skin care expert so maybe there’s someone reading this that might be able to explain why but I’m guessing it comes down to too many different ingredients being used and not letting my skin get used to a product, or even not giving the product enough time to actually work properly? I don’t know…

So this is my ‘current’ skin care routine and has been the same for around 5 to 6 months now. Before these products, I was using the Liz Earle cleanse and polish full skin care kit. I absolutely love the Liz Earle products, but this was working out very pricy for me monthly and I just could not keep up with it which resulted in me having times when I would just be relying on makeup wipes.. EW!

After seeing a few good reviews floating around social media I decided to pick up the simple skin care kit whilst I was doing my weekly shop in Tesco. It was on offer at the time and worked out around £3 per item! This offer is on quite often as well (BONUS). I’ve really been loving these products, it’s given me a really quick and easy skin care routine and my skin has never been clearer (considering I’m pregnant and full of hormones that’s quite amazing).

I start my routine by using the Simple cleansing water, when removing makeup I can never just use a facial wash, I always feel like it’s never quite removed the makeup fully. So first of all I remove my face and eye makeup using the water and cotton pads. The cleansing water is very very easy on the skin and eyes, it also doesn’t really have a smell which I like especially when putting it on my eyes!

I then use the Simple face wash with hot water and a face brush that I picked up at Primark!

Once I’ve dabbed my face dry I quickly sweep the Simple toner over my face to remove any left over oils or dirt and finish off by applying the Simple light moisturiser.

As for face masks, I love a good facemask especially in the bath! I do actually have a bigger collection of masks but this is one that I picked up from boots and have been reaching for weekly. It’s just a boots own cucumber mask, not pricy at all and it works my drawing dirt and impurities out of the skin. When you first apply it you can feel it working, it doesn’t quite sting like it hurts but you can feel it on there after 30 seconds or so it begins to set and gives off more of a soothing feeling. I know this is a personal preference and some people don’t like masks that you can feel but for me that just tells me that it’s doing something and as long as it isn’t giving off any sensations that feel wrong then I don’t see the problem.

Right now my skin is at the bests its been for a very long time and I’m loving the products that I’m using. So do I think that you need a big budget to achieve great skin? No! Just find what works for you and stick too it would be my advice! I would love to find out more about what your thoughts are on my little question and what you love to use? Thanks for reading.

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