10 Pregnancy essentials I couldn’t live without!

If you didn’t already know I’m pregnant! I’m currently 31+5 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. As i’m getting to the home stretch I feel like I’ve finally got a handle on how to cope with all of the weird and wonderful things that pregnancy brings and I thought that I would share with you all of my pregnancy essentials and how I have survived my first pregnancy (SO FAR). I wish someone had given me this list at the beginning of my pregnancy!

Bio oil

My stretch mark savour! If you follow my Instagram you will know how much I love bio oil, it is on the pricier side and it doesn’t last long especially when your covering your whole belly, hips and back everyday. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I started to apply this and touch wood I do not have one stretch mark in sight. Whether it’s the oil or not I don’t know but I wouldn’t risk not using it now!

Maternity Bra

I jumped onto this one pretty early in my pregnancy as my breasts started to grow a lot faster than my bump did. I didn’t go expensive with these and I just picked up the twin pack nursing bras from Primark. They don’t have an underwire which apparently is good for milk flow I think? This also makes them super comfy especially in early pregnancy when breasts are really tender. I wouldn’t recommend trying to make your own bras last longer honestly just swap your bra, give yourself room to grow and it makes your back feel so much better too!

Maternity  leggings

One thing I have not wasted any money on in pregnancy is maternity clothes. I’ve been quite lucky that my bump is only small anyway so my normal sized tops lasted me up until just a couple of weeks ago. But early on as my jeans started to get tighter I picked up a twin pack of maternity over the bump leggings from newlook – OH MY are they the comfiest things I have ever worn?! Like seriously I wish I had these before I was pregnant. They have so much room for growth, they go with everything and are especially great on days when i’ve had growing pains.


Before pregnancy I genuinely don’t think that I’ve ever had heartburn or indigestion before, but i can honestly say that the heartburn I’ve had has been the overall worst part of being pregnant. I literally get heartburn everyday and i still have it no matter what I eat. I quickly learned to keep a pack of Rennie in ever place in the house, in the car and in all of my handbags. It really does ruin a good day if I’ve forgotten to bring some with me, we have been out before and had to come home because my chest was burning so much.

Baby Centre app

I absolutely love this app! It’s been my favourite thing in pregnancy and it’s really helped to keep me going. You just pop your due date in and week by week you get so much information about how your baby is growing, a little picture to show you what he/she should look like at that week and information videos to watch. They also have an information section and forum with every answer you could need, you can litteraly type in any questions no matter how crazy and they have an answer! This has been my life saver and go to guide.

Birthing ball

This is a little recent find that I’m seriously kicking myself for not knowing about at the beginning. From the start I’ve suffered really bad with sciatica (a very very sharp pain in the lower back/upper bum). When I get the pains it almost feels like I can’t move at all and my legs start to go numb, the doctor doesn’t give you anything for it. A few weeks ago at my yoga class I tried out the ball and within a minute of using it the pain had completely gone, this is the only thing that makes the pain fully go away. It’s also worked wonders for back ache and for taking the weight off my bump when I’ve been on my feet for a long time. I know it’s going to be amazing in labour too.

Hot water bottle

Another joy of pregnancy, kidney infections… I’ve had three now in the last 2 months. Kidney infections give you very sharp pains in your sides and back. A hot water bottle is the only thing that would help to soothe this and I’ve also found it very soothing when my bump is aching or i’m having growing pains. You can use it on your belly, just not for too long and making sure it’s not directly on the skin. For me it’s also just a nice comfort when i’m not feeling great. I think its all about finding what comforts and relaxes you.

Spare pillow

I have seen these big fancy pregnancy pillows and I know plenty of women that absolutely rave about them but it’s not something that I’ve purchased yet and I don’t think I will do either. Don’t get me wrong sleeping with a bump  is not easy nor is it comfortable in anyway. They tell you that you  can’t sleep on your back which is where I find the most comfiest position. When my bump started to come in , i just grabbed a spare pillow from the spare room and I pop it between my legs and tuck it under my bump lying on my left side (apparently is the best side for blood flow or something). My bump is small so I don’t feel like I need to buy a big fancy pillow plus I also don’t want to give up any more space in the bed haha.

Reading Material

When you go for your first hospital appointments no one ever tells you that it’s like waiting for Christmas. Honestly you spend so so much time waiting around in waiting rooms during pregnancy, I have an appointment every 4 weeks and they take around 5 hours which consists of around 15 minutes with the doctor. It’s always good to have a good book on the go or just treat yourself to a big pack of magazines before every appointment! (I live in Ireland so let me know if this is the same/different to where your live)

Cereal Bar

I’m definitely on of those people who are always guilty of skipping breakfast, i know its just not me but seriously who wouldn’t want an extra 10 minutes in bed? I know its not healthy, breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially when your looking after and growing a little human inside of you. I’ve started buying cereal bars to keep in the hour my favourite is the crunchy nut chocolate bars (again not healthy but a girl needs chocolate) , they have become an essential even when I’ve eaten breakfast or even as a midnight snack as I get so so so hungry, especially now later on in my pregnancy! I swear I’m always hungry.

I would love to know what your essentials are/where during pregnancy and if there is anything you use that might help me? I’m open to trying anything that makes this experience easier haha, so any hints and tips are always welcome!

Lots of love



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