One more moment: Spending time with your parter before the baby arrives

The 3 week countdown!! Yep I’m now 37 weeks pregnant and we are so close to meeting our little lady and I couldn’t be more excited to start my new journey as a mum but most of all I’m wondering where the time has gone?! Within the next month our life is going to flip from being a young couple to a family of three and as much as I’m so excited, I’m also a little sad of what little time we have left to be a couple. The weeks are going by so quickly and as I look back over the 9 months I’m a little bit disappointed of how we’ve wasted the time.  I just can’t shake the feeling of wishing we could of had one more moment, just one last crazy trip, just tick one more thing off the bucket list before we become parents.

Looking back on my pregnancy experience i’m quickly realising how much I’ve gown as a person and how me and my partner have grown as a couple. My priorities are so different! Everything finds a way to become ‘baby centred and it’s not so much that we haven’t done anything fun or crazy before the baby arrives but more so that we have changed as people and  what we would have seen as a bucket list adventure has also changed. Over this time our relationship has grown stronger than ever and I believe that a strong relationship is the most valuable thing that we can bring to our future family.

If you’re expecting and looking at some ways to spend more quality time with your parter, I’ve put together a few ideas inspired by the things that me and my fiancé like to do together as well as including a few messages from fellow bloggers about their personal experience on this subject. I hope these little ideas help and I would love to know about any of your own experiences in the comments!

  1. Watch a new T.V series together –  Make the effort to find time weekly to hibernate in the bedroom with lots of junk food and binge out on a new series that you both can’t get enough of.
  2. Spruce up your love nest – It’s very easy for your bedroom to become the laundry basket or the dogs bed! Redecorate your master bedroom and make yourself a little oasis that you can escape to together. This is a great chance to be creative as a couple.
  3. Take a random day trip – Spending time together as a couple doesn’t have to cost anything! Jump in the car and go to somewhere you haven’t been before. Enjoy a day out, have some lunch, do some walking or site seeing and explore together.
  4. Get busy – For a while after having your little bundle of joy and even at the very very end of pregnancy, unfortunately sex can become a no go zone. Make the most of the freedom you have to do it wherever, whenever and experiment as a couple a little.
  5. Take a trip down memory lane – It’s always great to remind yourselves of old memories, it reminds you of why you fell in love in the first place! We’ve recently made photos collages around the house and printed off all of our memories so far. You could also make a scrapbook together, a journal or a photo album.
  6. One last romantic getaway – I was actually unable to fly during my pregnancy due to health conditions but I would of loved one last sun and sea holiday! I suppose it all depends on budget but if you can, plan one last romantic getaway even if its just a weekend in a B&B.
  7. Do something he loves – I think through all pregnancies the focus quickly becomes on the woman about to give birth and the other half kind of just takes a back seat. Let’s be honest with all of the hormones we don’t make it all that easy on them sometimes. Take the time to do the thing that he loves the most. I actually booked my parter a surprise trip to Amsterdam with his brother, sort of like his last lads weekend away before he becomes a dad. Even though it wasn’t something we did together, our relationship was much closer and stronger when he got back.
  8. Lazy sunday – A full day in bed on a Sunday is always a great way to reconnect. Eat breakfast in bed, watch some romantic movies or a bit of comedy whatever your guilty pleasure is! Our lazy Sunday’s always consist of a full breakfast in bed, a day watching old Friends episodes and lots of cuddles with our puppy.
  9. First date do over  –  When your pregnant there’s never many reasons to get dressed up and make yourself feel amazing. Get yourself a new outfit, get dressed up and go out to a fancy dinner, listen to local live music with some virgin cocktails! It’s a great way to bring back those first date butterflies.
  10. Make it count – Every couple has their own ways of spending quality time together but whatever it is, wether its a 2 week holiday or simply taking a day out in the car make the most of it! Take lots of pictures and make the memories count. I love the idea of having lots of stories to tell our future children, of how we fell in love and every adventure we had before we became a family.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“We went out to eat every Saturday before going to some nice bars (for soft drinks!). I have so many fond memories of those sunny Saturday afternoons, waddling around Liverpool like a duck.I also ate so much food! I ate three courses for every meal and enjoyed every single bite haha!” – Nicole Hughes from  Mummy To DEX

“I wish I’d done this – we were so worried about how we would afford a baby and everything that goes with it (plus maternity leave reduced pay) we stopped doing stuff like going out, nice meals etc to save money. My biggest regret. I had no idea how important it was to make the most of being able to be impulsive whilst we could. We’ve since had one meal out as a couple in 2 years and it was planned months in advance – Sarah Hurst from ArthurWears

“I was whisked away to New York when I was six months pregnant! Ate far too many pancakes and missed the beer but we have some lovely memories” – Catherine Wiltcher from Kids Versus Copy

“We had planned to have a really nice night out together with a nice meal but my little man arrived early and we didn’t get the chance! Only got a couple of days off work before he put an appearance in lol I would say make the most of your whole last trimester!” – Laura Thatcher from MumGuilt



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