All packed and ready to go!

I feel like I’ve left this to the absolute last-minute! I’ve been packing, unpacking and re-packing my hospital bags for about three weeks now and I’ve FINALLY  ‘officially’ done it…. I think.

I was in two minds about whether or not to do this post but in the end I thought I would, simply because I love these sorts of posts like the “what’s in my handbag?” Blogs. I think it’s us woman we are just a bit nosey haha.

Although originally from the U.K, we are actually living in Ireland which is where we will be having our baby. The hospital here gave me a list at the beginning of my pregnancy with everything that I need to pack for myself and for baby. The list is HUGE! Way more than I expected , I don’t know what I expected as this is my first baby but to me it seems excesses and I didn’t even pack everything.


Let’s start with the baby (before I change my mind again!) This is the bag that I’ve been most undecided on, we found out last week that she’s only a tiny 4lbs 10 at the moment so I’ve been really undecided on clothes sizes.

The bag I have used is our changing bag which Is the Miss Lulu 3 piece changing bag. I tried to leave the link but it’s no longer on the website or on amazon. Miss Lulu do have a great range of changing bags though.

Miss Lulu Maternity bags:

It has a front pocket and main pocket, a changing mat inside and it also comes with a smaller bag which you can fit inside the front pocket. The bag is quite big for a changing bag but it will be really handy for longer days out with the baby and the smaller bag is so handy to pop in the bottom of the pram if your just going for a shorter journey out.


X3 Tiny Baby sleepsuits & bodysuits

X3 New born sleepsuits & bodysuits

These are all from Tesco. I love the range of baby clothes they have, the majority of her clothing is from Tesco. It’s fab quality and a great price, they always have lots of sales too!

Tesco Baby clothing:

I have also packed her a thicker cardigan in the size newborn for going home. This is from boots, they have a great range online and in some of the stores! Unfortunately this particular cardigan isn’t on their website anymore, I got to just after christmas.

X3 baby’s hats. The Bambi hat came with one of her outfit sets which is from Tesco and the other two were a gift so I don’t actually know where they are from!

I’m not sure why I put her a little teddy in but I thought it would be nice to have a ‘first’ teddy. I don’t know, it will look cute on photos though haha!

Tesco Bambi outfit:

X1 Hooded towel:

This came in a pack of 3 from Mothercare. I’m only packing one though because I’m pretty sure the hospital will have towels haha!

X2 muslin cloths. These are again from Tesco, I’ve been told you can never have too many! I have loads of these in the nursery. By the way,  they don’t come all wrinkled like that  I washed them and they went like this.

X1 Johnson’s baby bath


X1 cellular blanket:

X1 swaddling blanket:

X1 knitted blanket. This knitted blanket is my absolute favorite thing that I have for her! My best friends mum (basically my second mum) very kindly made this for us, it’s so so beautiful! I love how it will become something that she can keep as a sentiment.

Nappies. I’ve basically just packed as many nappies as I can fit in but I will also leave a spare packet in the car. These are the Tesco newborn nappies, they have great reviews! I’ve recently just been adding a pack a week to my weekly shop to start building them up.

X1 water wipes

X1 Tesco cotton wool


Because we are so unsure of what clothes size she needs I thought I would make it easier for my partner and I’ve packed the small bag full of spare newborn and tiny baby outfits. I will just keep this in the car and when we know which size is best we can get what we need.


For my bag I’ve just used an old gym bag. I could have gone out and spent money on a fancy new hospital bag but I really don’t care haha. I’ve had this bag for years , it’s not the best looking but it fits so much stuff in!

X4 sets of Pj’s – Primark

My mum actually treated me to a few sets of pajamas for the hospital. I  don’t sleep in the trousers so I can get a few more days wear out of them which is why I got a mix and match Mickey Mouse set, which might I add are the cutest pj’s ever! Reluctantly I also got a maternity nightgown which after I tried on became my favorite thing ever! It’s got really easy access for breastfeeding and it’s so so comfy.

Thin night-gown & memory foam slipper – Primark


I’ve packed a comfy going home outfit, which is just some joggers, a vest top and plain white t-shirt.  I may be having a C section so I’m only concerned about comfort not how I look. These are all from Primark too.


X5 pairs of black pants. I opted for plain black comfy pants, I’ve heard the aftermath of child-birth can be messy and if they get ‘stained’ the mess won’t be so obvious and maybe I can keep some of my dignity.

X3 thin socks. The hospital can get really hot so I wouldn’t personally take fluffy socks.

I did a Tesco shop and purchased most of my toiletries. I picked up maternity pads, breast pads, toothpaste, dry shampoo and a  Nivea toiletry set. The set is so handy! It came in a  little clear case and included: face wipes, body moisturizer, lip balm and a roll on deodorant. I won’t be washing my hair at the hospital as I only wash it once a week anyway, I will just keep it in a bun and make do.

The toothbrush and small travel hair brush are both from Primark. I bought new toothbrushes to pack so I wouldn’t have to worry about adding anything last-minute. I also added hair bands and clips to the Nivea bag.

I wont be taking any makeup. I’m not the type of girl who can’t live without makeup, my main concern is my baby and not what I look like! Plus it will really do my skin good anyway to have a no makeup week.

The last thing that I packed was my camera. This was a gift from my dad to use for making family memories. I love taking photos on a proper camera and getting them printed around the house! I want to physically make memories to keep and not just plaster everything all over social media a soon as the baby’s born. I’m also hoping that we will  get a camcorder soon to make home videos that we can edit.


I absolutely love my car seat and pram! It’s completely practical and was such a bargain! I don’t get all the fuss about having a fancy pram that costs hundreds. I purchased this from Groupon , it’s the Kinderkraft three in one travel system and it grows with the baby. The car seat is really light and well padded. It’s so easy to set up and fold away and also came with a matching changing bag. The only down side is that the car seat doesn’t fix onto an ISOFIX base but for me I’m fine with just using the seat belt. I will leave the link below because they still have the offer on!

Kinderkraft 3 in 1 travel system:

I feel so much better now everything is packed and ready to go, I honestly wish I had done it weeks ago but at the same time it is something that you kind of have to keep playing around with until the end. My advice – just have something ready from 35 weeks just in case! More for your own peace of mind if not anything else. I’m pretty sure I’ve over prepared because this is my first baby and I really don’t know what to expect to need.

When did you pack your hospital bags? Did you even pack one?!

Lots of Love



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