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I’ve been in two minds about whether or not to do a ‘Monthly Favourites’ blog. For the last few months I haven’t really tried out too many new products and just haven’t found a big mix of new favourites. I’ve been mostly sticking to my usual must haves so I didn’t want to start a monthly blog that I can’t keep up with. I thought I would just start by sharing everything I’m currently loving in every area of my life.

Two favorites here! I finally got my IPad screen fixed recently. My absolute favorite thing to do is snuggle up in bed with a hot chocolate and a good book! I read them that fast though that it’s completely pointless buying actual books as it always feels like such a waste. I’ve been able to just purchase them straight from the Apple book store on my IPad and I’ve been getting through a lot! It’s like having my own personal endless library all in one place. It’s also really clever as it adjusts the screen color when you reading in the dark so I can now read without waking up my fiancé and without a reading light. Plus you can read the first few chapters for free before you decide to buy – absolutely in love! I used to have a kindle but honestly this is so much better!

So besides my IPad being a new favorite I’ve recently fell in love with Giovanna Fletcher’s Billy and Me. It’s a series of two books following your usual boy meets girl love story, he’s from one world and she’s from another, can love conquer all? I don’t usually do these soppy romantic books, for me I usually like them to have a bigger twist behind the love story but this was just such a feel good read. I don’t want to write too much about what the books about but all I will say is, if you’re looking for abook that’s a really quick and easy read and will put you in a great mood then read this!

I love Giovanna Fletcher and have followed her little family online anyway, this book really reflects her personality and I will definitely be picking up on more of her books!

Giovanna Fletcher Billy & Me

This isn’t so much a new favourite but more of just something I genuinely cannot live without! I only washmy hair maybe once every 4-5 days. I have extremely curly and frizzy hair naturally so my hair routine is basically wash it, blow dry and straighten it and then for the rest of the week it lasts straight and if needed I will have a couple of hair up days.

Since washing it this way my hair has grown so much and its so much healthier! But it wouldn’t be done without my dry shampoo on day 3. You just can’t go wrong with the Batiste dry shampoo, they have a massive range of fragrances (I tend to buy a different one every time) and I think are great value for money. It doesn’t dry my hair out and for me it doesn’t leave that sort of greyish tinge to my hair that others do. It’s perfect for adding texture to a bun and to curled hair too.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I feel like I’m a little late on the bandwagon with this! Every blogger and vlogger over the last year or so has raved about this skincare product at some point, and I finally decided to try it a few weeks ago… I am so so annoyed that I never tried this soon! My skincare routine usually consists of wiping my face with a wipe and then cleansing with warm water, using a toner and moisturizer. I’ve never been able to get away with just using a wipe or a makeup remover on its own… until I found this little beauty. I use it everyday to remove my makeup alongside my skincare routine and I sweep it over in the morning before my moisturizer and if I’m feeling lazy or just in a rush I genuinely feel like I can use just this on its own and it’s enough. It really cleanses the skin well and my skin has been so so good since using it.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing water

For these little beauties I have my best friend to thank! I had these for my birthday and they instantly became can’t live without products. Kiko genuinely is my FAVOURITE makeup brand, ok maybe not when it comes to foundations and powder but for everything else, blusher , bronzer, lips, eyes I LOVE them. We don’t have one over in Ireland and I don’t like ordering new makeup online, I would do a huge KIKO shop once a year in Spain where my dad lives and try out pretty much everything new. As a massive fan already, I new I would love these.

If you’re looking for a natural bronze, blush and highlight combo for spring/summer/night/day then this is perfect. The blusher is the perfect combination of color and highlight, I hate really pigmented blusher. The bronzer is matte which is great for everyday and I love the little hint of pink, it gives off a much more of a natural look rather than the usual orange pigments you,get in bronzers. Every girl needs a natural matte bronzer in their makeup kit.

Kilo Double Colour Baked Blush 

(Bronzer no longer on site)

This is another new find that I picked up in boots recently after running out of my usual hair oil. As my hairs naturally frizzy, I always use an oil to finish, to smoothen out any frizziness and to give a bit of moisture back to my ends after using heat. I will use this everyday just on my ends, I find it really helps to prevent breakage too. I’ve been especially loving this product after curling my hair, it definitely does what it says on the bottle and it leaves a perfect finish, giving me that been to the salon kind of feel.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Perfect Finish 

Myurrent music obsession is this album right here. It is 3Cds of all of your favourite songs but acoustic versions. This is my go to chill out album right now.

Ministry of Sound Anthems Acoustic 

And that’s everything I’m loving right now! There are a couple of little new makeup pieces I’ve missed on purpose but simply because I want to do a little spring makeup look with them and I’ve only just got a few so I’m not sure I can class them as favoutires just yet! Stay tuned haha.

What are you currently loving right now?!

Lots of love





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  1. Danielle, thanks for your list! I also really appreciate my iPad. It’s so handy to have everything with you in a little tablet instead of a big laptop or computer. Many people,have said good things about Garnier cleansing water. I have to give that one a try. My favourite for then face is “fresh” cleanser. And I have never tried dry shampoo. I gots try that one one day too!

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